Why does Socks Blockchain is at Bitbucket?

This is a reasonable question, and some people may notice that socks-network account on GitHub is suspended. After many attempts to contact them, we've finally got a response, unfortunately not much helpful. Keep reading to learn about details.

About Socks Blockchain

Socks Network is a community-driven fork of Chia™ blockchain. Our aim is to allow farmers to farm Socks and reduce e-waste by reusing existing plots - we're fully compatible with Chia Plot. We adhere to Apache 2.0 license terms and are endlessly grateful for the Chia Network developers who made eco-friendly cryptocurrency possible.

It's estimated that Socks gain about 5000 users just in the first seven days from launch. That rapid growth was possible because the software was thoroughly tested on testnet prior release in mainnet. Unlike other forks, Socks didn't have problems with certificates, multiple genesis blocks, orphaned chains, or port conflicts.

What happened with Socks GitHub?

Github suspended account message

On July 19, 7 days after the launch of the blockchain multiple users and members of the community have contacted maintainers saying that they can't access the project's GitHub. It turned out that account got suspended. We have checked email and could not find any notice or warning about that.

We got in touch with GitHub asking for details and what could we do about the account suspension. That's a response to us:

Github communication

Basically, it looks like GitHub automation assumed we used Actions for some CPU-intensive tasks

What does it mean?

Unfortunately, we don't have any further information as the support team has stopped replying to us. We can only guess what is actual the reason.

So here is our guess. Any good software needs to be tested. Since we aim to become the best fork (and you can see that by reaction of the community) we had a number of tests in place running on the GitHub actions after each commit. Many of them include blockchain consensus tests, which are CPU intensive by their nature. We suspect that these tests caused false positives and that caused the suspension of our account.

Hilariously, forks that had no tests in place don't have this problem.

Our plea to GitHub

(here we're repeating the same from the emails and twitter)

Dear GitHub, please look into the github actions and you'll find these are absolutely genuine tests, no intended abuse. The code is licenced under Apache 2.0. Also, we're more than happy to pay for used Actions in retrospect.

If for some reason, it's not possible to reenable Actions at least please recover our account. GitHub is crucial for the young opensource project.

Our community is heartbroken and feel very sorry for the projet

PS: Socks Network is not a fictional project trying to make half-cent on mining on GitHub. We are here to stay. Seriously, why would scammers even bother to email so often or create this post on the website?

Help to reach out to GitHub!

Please reply to this tweet saying that you're the real user of Socks Network and/or tweet to @GitHub with #BringSocksBackToGitHub hashtag - hopefully that would help to bring their attention.

Your voice matters.