Version 1.2.3 of Socks Blockchain has been released

Every update is always welcomed by our community. This time it's very special - it's a first release created outside of GitHub. It's important that you download a new version as it would enable lost Socks reclaim due to the use of NFT plots!

Update Socks Blockchain now:

What has changed?

  • It's the first release since we moved to the BitBucket, so the build process is quite different now. We're not able to use an existing GitHub workflow
  • We're preparing for the support of lost socks recovery for NFT plots. That's right, your lost socks could be recovered! Great thanks to Flora team who made it possible. We're currently testing scripts they kindly open-sourced.

Plotting k28+ plots via GUI

This is trully great news for the pico farmers 👨‍🌾

Socks network is for everyone, we aim to maximize utilization and reduce e-waste by making most of your free space on the hard drive. Did probably noticed unused free 90Gb on each drive with standard Chia k32 plots?

One of the discussed features of Socks Blockchain is the support of k28+ plots allowing farmers to fill up the remaining of the free space, maximizing the chance of earning pair of Socks 🧦.

For instance, you could fill the remaining 90Gb(~83.8Gb) on your HHD with 3 × k30 = 3 × ~23.7GiB = ~71.1GiB of plots

Since release 1.2.3 it's possible to plot right from the Socks Blockchain GUI.:

Select k28 plot size in GUI

Alternatively, k28+ plots can be created via the command line.