About Socks Blockchain | SOCK Cryptocurrency

Socks Blockchain is a clean and fair fork of Chia(tm) Network

We have numbers of principles we adhere

Fair start for everyone

It was noticed that early joiners have more chances to farm more coins due to the extremely little netspace in the very beggining.

Socks has changed reward schedule:

  • Current reward is 2 SOCK (or, pair of socks!)
  • First 7 days block reward was 1 SOCK
  • The first day of launch block reward was 0.5 SOCK

Keep it auditable

Socks Network is licenced under Apache 2.0 licence

We recognize importance of the ability of audition of the source code so users can do due their own due diligence and make their own judgement on the quality of the code. For that reason we modify code via Pull Requests with squash enabled making even large changes well isolated and documented.

To ensure the best quality we run testnet and test our builds before releases. This is because users are not testers.

We're proud that many Chia forks are based on the source code of Socks Network. We take it as a compliment.

Community rewards

Socks cryptocurrency won't worth anything without our community.

We are activly identifying people who is helping our network to grow and donate SOCK. Do you know somebody you want to reward? Join us on discord channel to nominate user.

Reducing e-waste

Socks can be run alongside the chia (both classic OG and portable NFT1) and earn SOCK at the same time. No need to replot anything.

Socks Blockchain supports plots starting from k28+(5Gb). We all been there: 90Gb of 8Tb HDD is available but can't be used for plots. With socks it's possible to utilize the most of the remaning space on the HDD by using k28+ plots.

To make it clear: k29, k30, k31, k32 and larger are accepted too. And k28 can be combined with k29 and k32.

Notes: *1. Note that on the NFT plots reward will be `2 * (1/8)` this is due to limitations of NFT plots. We're activly looking for the solution