Socks Blockchain

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Why Socks Blockchain is so special?

  1. We support the same Chia plots, so you can mine Socks while mining Chia
  2. 5Gb Plots(k28) support. You've got 50Gb left on each of your HDD and can't fill them up? This fork allows at k=28(~5Gb) plots. Again, reducing waste. You can farm using your space from the mobile phone!. Read how to create k28+ plots
  3. We do our best to make this SOCKS fork transparent and auditable, take a look at the initial Pull Request. Read more about our values.
  4. Most the of the forks got no updates since launch. We're not going to abandon Socks Network.

Fair rewards schedule

Unlike other forks SOCKS is friendly to the late joiners:

  • CURRENT Then the pair of SOCK (2 SOCKS) for next 3 years
  • The week after - 1 SOCK
  • The first day of launch block reward is 0.5 SOCK

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